Wulfenite w/ Calcite & Mimetite, North Geronimo Mine, Arizona

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Wulfenite w/ Calcite & Mimetite 

North Geronimo Mine, Silver Mining District, La Paz County, Arizona, USA

8.2 x 6.5 x 5.2 cm

This is a recent specimen I acquired out of an old field collectors inventory. Robert Bell, a native of Kansas did extensive collecting in the southwestern USA. This particular piece was mined in 1992 from the North Geronimo Mine. This specimen displays 3 nice size vibrant orange tabular wulfenite crystals, all measuring around 8.5mm in size. The matrix consists of what I believe is rhombohedral calcite, with possible inclusions of goethite . In addition, there are hundreds of tiny prismatic orange crystals of Mimetite scattered throughout the surface of the specimen. This is definitely a unique piece from this locale because of the combination of different mineral species. Be sure to view the video!

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