Wulfenite, Puzzler Mine, Arizona, USA

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Puzzler Mine, Castle Dome Mountains, Yuma County, Arizona, USA

Ex. Bert Helwig Collection

35 x 28 x 20 mm

Well defined, sharp tabular crystals of Wulfenite with mirror like luster and highly saturated color. Arizona is well known for being the US’s finest producer of Wulfenite, with over 200 different localities in the state. Most think of such famous locals such as The Red Cloud, Rowley, and The Glove mine but there have been so many other  great producers over the years. The Puzzler Mine located in the Castle Dome Mining District is one of the oldest districts in the state, however it was never a locale that produced plentiful quality specimens, making this piece even more special. This piece is in excellent condition with very limited damage visible. It comes glued to an acrylic base but can be removed upon request. Be sure to watch the video! 


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