Selenite Candle Holder

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This is a beautiful Selenite Candle Holder, place a candle inside and watch it illuminate! This piece is 10 inches in circumference and is 3 inches tall.

Selenite has a very noticeable calming effect. Selenite is an excellent crystal for meditation. Selenite is used for opening the Crown Chakra and Calming the mind. It works best when placed on the crown Chakra, but has an overall effect even when placed in your hands at your side. Selenite should not be placed in water to cleans. This crystal becomes brittle and will dissolve in water. Use Sea Salt to cleans, and sunlight to charge Selenite. White Selenite has a distinctive grain and makes beautiful displays and can be carved or shaped into very unique pieces, Natural Selenite Sticks are used in healing and spiritual work.

Metaphysical Properties

•Selenite is used to calm the over active or confused mind bringing peace. Selenite is good for judgment, and insight

•Selenite is used to defend against free radicals, epilepsy, mercury poisoning, and aids in Milk production for breast feeding mothers