Ocean Jasper (2)

$ 160.00

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Ocean Jasper palm stone (2)

Marovoto, Ambolobozo, Analalava District, Sofia, Madagascar

60 x 42 x 24 mm

55 x 48 x 24 mm

This listing is for 2 vein 8 ocean jasper palm stones. We’ve decided to start selling palm stones in pairs instead of individually. Believe it or not, but both these palm stones are considered “extra” quality even though one is clearly a better example than the other. When purchasing this material we are unable to hand select these palm stones. They come as prepackaged kilo lots and the quality is always mixed. With the explosion of OJ on social media most buyers now of days only want the best of the best, which basically makes it impossible to sell the more commercial like OJ. So selling these in pairs is our solution to the problem. I know some may not like this selling tactic, but its what’s best for our business. The best way to look at it is that you’re getting a great OJ palm stone then you have this other nice one that you could always gift to a friend! Share the love people! 

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