Indicolite Tourmaline w/ Lepidolite, Cruzeiro Mine, Brazil

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Tourmaline (var. Indicolite) w/ Lepidolite

Cruzeiro Mine, Sao Jose da Safira, Minas Gerais, Brazil

55 x 12 x 9 mm

Vibrant dark blue indicolite tourmaline associated with fine platy aggregates of lepidolite crystals. The tourmaline has glass like luster and has several pockets of nice clarity which can be seen in the video and many of the backlit photos. The lepidolite has an almost pearl like luster and the color is a deep, rich purple. Locating quality true indicolite tourmaline is getting more difficult. This is a great example from a very well know locale in Brazil. This specimen comes glued onto an acrylic base. It can easily be removed upon request. 

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