Fluorite w/ Quartz, El Hammam Mine, Morocco

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Fluorite w/ Quartz & Pyrite 

El Hammam Mine, Ait Mimoune Caidat, Khemisset Cercle, Morocco

6 x 4.2 x 2.5 cm

Sea foam green sharp cubes of fluorite partnered with lustrous quartz from the well known El Hammam mine in Morocco. The sea foam green color is definitely what stands out with this specimen. That particular color is fairly uncommon for this locality. The specimen came from a small find back in 2020.  The El Hammam mine is well know for producing unique combination specimens such as this one. From speaking with several of my Moroccan sources the El Hammam mine is currently closed due to theft issues. I would assume it will reopen at some point but for now there is no new production.


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